So, I was really jonesing for a Mexican pizza and sometimes I want something a little more substantial than your standard cheese crust that you can substitute for tortillas. I started out trying to make some tortillas with this recipe, but as luck has it, I failed ! It got really hard and crispy because I fried them in a pan with some coconut oil instead of baking them like I normally would.  I get so lazy sometimes……but that’s Ok, cause I can’t keep it 💯all of the time. Who the hell can? Anywhoooo, long story short…..I didn’t want to waste them and Mexican pizza construction came to mind. (After I constructed this fabulous pizza, you might have though I created fire with the excitement dance I did).

 Behold! I have included the recipe for the crust base and this can be used for regular pizza too. You could even make it thinner and use them as crackers. The possibilities are endless if you just use your imagination. Here it is:

  • 1cup mozzarella cheese 
  • 6tbs almond flour
  • Pinch of salt
  • That’s it….pretty sweet, huh?

*you’re going to stick all the ingredients in the microwave and nuke it for about a minute, stirring half way until combined. 

*let it cool a bit because it’s HOT and you need your hands to finish making the this, soooooo.

*roll out the dough into a ball and separate into 2 balls. Between 2 pieces of parchment paper, roll it out to desired size and thickness. 

*bake @350 until browned or fry in a pan like I did. 

I topped mine with a little taco sauce and lettuce and tomato.  You do you! Here’s the nutritional value I got. 


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