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Let’s Talk About Body Image and Why We’re So Hard On Ourselves

Society has set unrealistic standards and we need to stop trying to meet them.

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You’re Telling Me I Can Lose Weight With A Thyroid Condition?!

Why and how you can lose weight even with a thyroid condition.

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Losing Weight….That Sh*@ Is Hard!

Fair warning that this will be a long post, but so is this dang journey. I want to start off by saying that I am not the World’s Fittest person. I’m not special and I didn’t have a ton of money to hire trainers and whatnot. I have made more mistakes along the way than…… Continue reading Losing Weight….That Sh*@ Is Hard!



So, I was really jonesing for a Mexican pizza and sometimes I want something a little more substantial than your standard cheese crust that you can substitute for tortillas. I started out trying to make some tortillas with this recipe, but as luck has it, I failed ! It got really hard and crispy because…… Continue reading KETO MEXICAN PIZZA 



Here it goes. This is going to be a seriously long post….. In 2011, I met that dude I call my husband and I weighed a whopping 325lbs. This is probably going to sound all cheesy and crap, but it happened, soooooo. My world changed so much after meeting him that I became a new…… Continue reading MY CANCER STORY



Sooo…..Sup?! I just want to start off by saying that I by no means have the perfect grammar or punctuation, so don’t judge me lol. I also do not pretend to know everything about the Keto diet or the thyroid. I just read a lot and have learned so many things through experience and other…… Continue reading GET TO KNOW ME…