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Let’s Talk About Body Image and Why We’re So Hard On Ourselves

I don’t pretend to know why everything is the way it is. I have no freakin clue why society has become the way it is. Evolution gone wrong? Entitled brats? Lazy people? Who knows?!

I’ll be the first to admit to my daughter that the place she is going to grow up in is a totally different place and time than when we were young. The world has changed so much and I want her to know that sometimes…..people are assholes. Yep, assholes that talk. People are going to say mean and ugly things to you. Guaranteed. Because somewhere along the line, people forgot what manners and respect are and became a bunch of entitled, opinionated brats who don’t have filters between their brains and their mouths.

I’ve always been overweight. It’s nothing new to me and it’s not like I didn’t know, but someone somewhere always had to point that out to me. On days where I felt good in my own skin….someone had to mess that up. It was especially bad when I was in middle school/high school. Something as simple as me wearing a skirt to school was blasphemy! I had no right to wear that and it was made known. I have cried over things like this more than I’d like to admit. Why though? Why did I allow people to make me feel that way and why was it up to them that I didn’t need to be wearing something that I clearly felt confident in? Where’s the rule that you have to be a certain size to wear a nice outfit? I’ll tell you…..there is no rule!

It’s because society has put an imagine up , like a billboard, that says THIS is the way a woman should look. THIS is what someone of this size should wear and THIS is what someone of this size should not wear because they do not look like they are supposed to. Well screw you society! THIS is the reason women have such a hard time with their bodies. THIS is why we are so hard on ourselves and are forever trying some kind of diet and workout program. Sometimes almost killing ourselves. Do you think that I am not aware that I have rolls or cellulite? Do you think that a huge shirt is going to cover this up more than a more fitted shirt? No, it’s still there and you can see it regardless (oh, no! your poor eyes!). Now mind you, I don’t think someone of a certain size should wear clothes with things hanging out or that are five sizes too small. That’s a different story. Let’s try to be modest here.


I’ve also seen a video on Instagram recently where a plus size woman was working out and obviously trying to better herself. I thought, nice work! Good for you on trying to become a healthier and better you. Awesome on trying to encourage other people to do it too! Then….idiots happened. They pointed out that she was fat (of course) and then pointed out every, little thing she was doing wrong and not in a helping kind of way. This was proceeded by making fun of her too. What is wrong with people?! It’s like you can’t even be try to be a motivational figure if you’re overweight and actually going through the process. You have to be the fitness model, with her ass hanging out of her shorts or working out in a thong….yes, a thong. Who does that?

As someone who has been overweight and has gone through the struggle of losing that weight…I have not looked online and seen a “fit” woman with huge glutes and fake breast and thought…oh, this is my motivation. I want to be like herLet me get to work right now! Because I will never be like her……I’m going to be like me. I don’t have those genetics and that build (props to her for having them though). When I look at women like that, it makes me sad (personally), not motivated. Getting down on myself after looking at it makes me want to work on myself. I shouldn’t have to feel that way about myself. When you don’t accept yourself as you are, a myriad of things go wrong, like getting in your mind that the guy you’re seeing is always looking at something “better”. Why risk your relationship over something like that? Why not just show him how awesome you are and be happy?

As women who are your standard size, these days anyways, we’re quite aware that we’re doing all these unhealthy things and some of us are trying to change that. But you’ll have to forgive us while in that process, that we don’t have a problem with the skin that we’re in and strut it like any other confident woman would. It is what we have to deal with in the meantime…until we’re at our healthy weight, whatever that may be. So, we’re going to wear that skirt you don’t approve of because this last 10 pounds that were lost, we want to show it off. All the squats that have improved our very wide assets…we want to show that off too. We want to feel more confident in ourselves as our bodies change. So you’ll just have to deal with it society!


If everyone would just look at the good things in people, inside and out, the world would be a better place. Women wouldn’t have such self-esteem issues and we wouldn’t have to console our daughters for doing absolutely nothing wrong. There is no right or wrong body type. There are just shallow people and yes, there is a difference between healthy and unhealthy body weight. Encourage those that have a problem to do something about it and be there for them in the process because it will be one of the hardest things they ever do.


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