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You’re Telling Me I Can Lose Weight With A Thyroid Condition?!

The answer is Yes! A million times yes!

I have known so many people in my lifetime that have had some kind of thyroid condition. Some with hypothyroidism…hyperthyroidism…Grave’s disease, the list goes on and on. It blows my mind sometimes that there are so many people out there that this affects.  It’s something that runs in my family also. Seems like I was doomed to have this condition.

In my case, I don’t have a thyroid at all. This is due to having thyroid cancer. I don’t know everything about thyroid issues, but I know what I’ve been through and you’ll hear me complain about it just as much as the next person, because it SUCKS! I read a lot of comments online that just make me plain mad. A lot of them are from people who have no idea what it’s like to feel this way…to deal with it every day of your life. The constant fluctuations in hormones, even with medication. The hot flashes, the racing heartbeat, the tiredness for no f’in reason whatsoever, and my favorite… falling out in all of the wrong places ( I wish the hair on my chin or my armpits would fall off instead of the hair on my head). Who knew that just because I didn’t have a thyroid anymore that I could lose the hair on the outer parts of my eyebrows? My freakin eyebrows! I guess people tend to think that I pluck and wax my eyebrows like this on purpose. Yes, Susan. I do this on purpose! I’m just in a hurry to be able to sharpie them on.


Many people think that when you are given Synthroid, which is the synthetic version of thyroid hormone, that all of your symptoms will go away and you’ll be the same person you have always been. Wrong! Even with proper medication and dosage, I still have many symptoms and I wish they would go the hell away. My hands and feet are forever cold…just ask my husband. My mood swings can sometimes even surprise me. Like calm the hell down Jessica, your husband didn’t mean to breath at you. My periods have become so looooong….like nine days long every month. I can’t grow my nails out because they’re as thin as paper and wavy like Lay’s potato chips. Yum, potato chips. And yes, I’ve taken vitamins and everything anyone has ever mentioned to help with this. My short term memory is the worst! I can remember things from when I was four years old like it was yesterday (it pretty much was since I’m so young and all), but ask me what happened an hour ago and I have to give it some deep thought. Forget me remembering your name after we meet once. Not happening.

These things are all things that I literally cannot control. I wish I could. My medication dosage and lab work have been on point lately. My TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is around .04. I am kept hyperthyroid by my doctor because this helps prevent recurrence of cancer. I still have hypothyroid symptoms though, and this confuses me. I cannot for the life of me get a straight answer as to why. I don’t think anyone actually understands how all of this really works and everyone is pretty much guessing at things like this. Who knows?


Anyways, I hear a lot of people say “oh, I can’t lose weight because of my thyroid”. That is not the reason you can’t lose weight. Using that as an excuse is the reason you can’t lose weight. Now, I am sure there is actually a small percentage of people out there who really do have issues losing weight because of this and I hope that they figure out what is happening with their bodies and their mediation so that they can start to feel better and be a healthier person. I think I have even used that as an excuse at one point in my life, but I was just lazy and I didn’t want anyone to actually think that I was lazy. Seemed like a small, harmless lie at the time, but I was only hurting myself. No one else cared how I got that way, but many people wished I’d do something about it.

Once you find that magic spot on the thyroid level chart, there SHOULD be ( I could be wrong because I’m no doctor) no reason that you can’t lose weight. Yes, it does take a little longer to happen, but it can happen. I have found that low carb works the best for me. That is why I love the Keto diet so much because it incorporated a lot of healthy fats, which helps me to feel full longer after eating. It also has less of an impact on your blood sugar when you avoid sugar and grains. When your blood sugar is stable throughout the day, you’re not ravishingly hungry all of the time. Food became less important to me this way.

Exercise is not the most important tool in weight loss, it is important to help you stay healthy and strong, but the majority of weight loss happens when you eat correctly. They say abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. So, my tip to you is to get your eating habits under control. Learn to feed your body and not let food control you. Staying consistent in the way you eat and your exercise routine will get you there. If you fall down, you just need to get back up.

I used to think that if I didn’t see results after a week of doing something, that it didn’t work……period. I guess it was more of me not seeing the results that I THOUGHT I should be seeing. This is where I always failed with weight loss in the past. I never gave it enough time and I always compared my results to someone else who was losing weight faster than me. If I would have just kept with it and LEARNED about what was happening with my body, I would have been where I wanted to be a long time ago. I know it might sound geeky, but for me… once I read and studied about what was happening with my body while losing weight or working out, I found it so amusing and I understood the process. It’s hard to understand what you are putting your body through every day if you’re not educated. They make audio books if you are one who doesn’t like or have the time to read.The body is a fascinating thing!


In the past, I have tried everything imaginable. Weight loss pills, fiber pills, special drinks, shakes, meal systems, not eating, binging and purging, appetite suppressants, vitamins only, those wrap thingies, and I think I even tried to cast a magic spell with a potion I found online once….don’t judge me. I was desperate. None of these things worked. Don’t you think if there were an easy way or a magic pill that everyone would be fit and healthy? It’s doesn’t work that way. Sure there is weight loss surgery, but even that is not an “easy” way out. It still takes hard work and you HAVE to eat correctly or you suffer the consequences. There is no easy way where you sit on your butt and the weight falls off. If there is, you need to let me know and hook a sista up! just sayin’.

So, get your blood work done like you should so that your thyroid levels are optimal, eat the way that your body responds the best-just because keto is best for me, doesn’t mean that it is the best diet for you too- exercise and listen to your body. Also, make sure that there is not some kind of underlying health issue that you aren’t aware of. If you do these things, and stay consistent with them, you’ll do great things.

I have struggles just like you.There is nothing more special or better about me. I am the same as you. I put in the effort and I am getting the results that I want. I am giving it time too and not giving up. Yes, you can do it. Don’t think so little of yourself! There is more determination and will-power inside of you than you think. If you go into it thinking you will fail……you will. Like I said before, you will never be “ready” to do this and there will never be a “perfect”time. So…..what’s stopping you from starting right now? I’ll tell you. Only the excuse that you’re currently using.





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